Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do you not know further in advance what you are playing?
A: We book our movies for the weekend (through our booking agent) on Mondays. Since we try to play movies as close to their release date as possible, we need to wait for theatres in larger centres to release copies (prints) that they have. Larger multiplexes will have several prints of the same movie on release date, these extra prints usually become available to smaller theatres such as ours after the first couple of weeks.

Q: How do you decide which movies to play?
A: We use a booking agent who books for us the best movies, with the widest appeal available at the time.

Q: Why do you sometimes play movies for 2 weeks?
A: Generally this happens if we are playing a blockbuster movie on it’s release date. Film studios require a 2 week minimum booking for most movies played from their release date.

Q: Why can’t we bring our own pop or candy?
A: Like all theatres, we depend on our concession sales to stay in business. The majority of the box office revenue (up to 70%) goes to the studio, once the tax is taken off then there is not a great deal left! So we are dependant on concession sales for our very survival. For this reason we must insist that no outside food or drink is brought into the theatre.

Q: Why don’t you have regular matinees?
A: We have tried running regular matinees, and they have not been successful. However, we will run them in future for movies that we think there will be a demand.


Q: What’s at the Concession?
A: The highest quality popcorn, popped in quality coconut oil & topped on request with real butter.

We also offer a range of chocolate bars, mini donuts, nachos, candy & Coca-Cola products, as well as Dasani bottled water. For the biggest savings, we also offer 4 Extra Value Combo choices – see in cinema for details.