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The highest quality popcorn, popped in quality coconut oil & topped on request with real butter.

We also offer a range of chocolate bars, candy & ice cold Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mug root beer, 7up, Brisk iced tea & Orange Crush as well as Aquafina bottled water.

For the biggest savings, we also offer 4 Extra Value Combo choices:

Combo 1: Child size popcorn, drink & candy– save $1.25 over regular price!
Combo 2: Small size popcorn, drink & candy – save $1.75 over regular price!
Combo 3: Medium popcorn & 2 medium drinks – save $2.00 over regular price!
Combo 4: Large popcorn & 2 large drinks – save $2.00 over regular rice!